Larry Dove Photography

My passion for Photography began when I purchased my first 35mm during my stint in Southeast Asia and realized the picture quality simply blew away the photos taken with my modest little Kodak camera.
The next major step happened some years later when a co-worker shared his interest in Portrait and Wedding Photography. Suddenly, photography was more than just "Point 'n Shoot".
It wasn't long before I made the upgrade to a Medium Format camera. The 35mm was good, but this was even better. I was hooked. Then I spent years trying to find the ultimate film for bright, vivid photographs.
The introduction to Digital Photography made my life complete.
Now I have control of the little things that make a photograph something special.

Go to "GALLERIES" and check out my "galleries" of Golden Retrievers, Classic Cars, Spring and Summer Flowers, Landscapes of Colorado, Nevada, Utah and West Virginia. Also, shots in Las Vegas. And don't miss my 'Art' gallery of 'Artistic Styles'.
I am constantly adding new galleries and new photos to my galleries. All comments are welcome.
I hope you enjoy!!

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